Cool down your indoor climate the smart way

Over the past decade, the steady rise in global temperatures has become increasingly evident. This shift in the world's climate has had local impacts, including the excessive accumulation of heat in buildings, resulting in difficult working and living conditions for humans and animals alike. Many solutions have been proposed to address this issue. Some involve active approaches such as air conditioning, while others are passive solutions like our Cool-FX coating. Cool-FX is part of Coat-FX: a new brand of innovative coatings.

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The cooling effect of our white roof coating

Our unique roof coating reflects solar radiation on your roof immediately after application. The video below was taken with a thermal camera and shows the direct impact of our white roof coating. Temperatures are high before application, which you can see in the white and pink colours. Immediately after the coating is applied, the temperature drops due to the reflective effect.  


Cool-FX is a temporary, biobased & biodegradable, water-based roof cooling coating specifically developed to reflect solar radiation on barns, skylights, and commercial/office buildings (tar, gravel, and metal roofs). In the summer during warm weather, roofs can warm up to well over 70 °C (160 °F). This heating up causes undesired temperature increases underneath the roof. By painting the roof surface white, much of the solar radiation will be reflected. The treated roof surfaces can be cooler by as much as 40 °C (100 °F) compared to untreated roofs. This can lower the inside temperature up to 7 °C (45 °F) and can save a considerable amount of energy.

  • Better living/working conditions for animals and people.
  • Saving on your energy costs for airconditioning.
  • As the product gradually wears off and the roof returns to its original color due to weather effects, optimal heat absorption can be achieved in the wintertime.
  • A white or reflective roof can result in reduced heat gain inside a building, with internal temperatures decreasing by 2-7°C (35°F to 45°F) compared to a non-protected roof.
  • Biobased & biodegradable



  1. Barn roofs (galvanized, metal).
  2. Tar, gravel & bitumen roofs of commercial buildings and offices.
  3. Skylights.



Shake or stir before use. Mix Cool-FX with clean water according to the desired concentration. Mix well until a homogeneous liquid is obtained. The ready-to-spray liquid can be sprayed with standard spray equipment. Thoroughly clean spray equipment with water after use.

Surface typeConcentration Area in m2 per bucket
Smooth surface 1 to 3300
Porous surface 1 to 3250
Very porous surface1 to 2≤200

(Concentration: 1 part Cool-FX to # parts of water)

*In the case of a corrugated roof, bear in mind that the surface area increases as the depth of the corrugation increases.

*In the case of a sloping roof, you might need a lower dilution (between 1 to 2 and 1 to 3), to avoid the coating from flowing of the roof to quickly.

Applied to the roof, this coating cooles down your hot office building


Cool-FX is a type of temporary coating that will gradually wear off over time depending on its concentration and the prevailing weather conditions. Typically, the cooling effect of Cool-FX lasts for an average of 4 months. When applied to a porous surface, Cool-FX will generally take longer to wear off completely. However, it is good to note that there is no need for a specific cleaner to remove Cool-FX.


Cool-FX is available in 20 Kg buckets and should be kept from freezing.



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