Cool-Fx Cools Duo Penotti!

For more than 40 years, Duo Penotti has been a household name in the Netherlands. The iconic hazelnut spread with the two colours in a 'potti' is produced in Roosendaal. Here, too, there is a need for cooling during hot summers. We spoke to Ron van de Berg, head of technical services at Duo Penotti, about how Cool-FX ensures a nicer working climate in production. The producer of the double delicious hazelnut pasta chooses the roof cooling coating to cool both the production area and the storage warehouse.

A cooler production area and storage warehouse

During hot periods, both Ron and his colleagues in production, noticed that it could get uncomfortably hot in the roughly 3,200 m2 hall. Likewise in the storage warehouse, some 1,200 m2, where all produced products are stored. "A sprinkler system was also installed above the storage warehouse. However, this is not enough to achieve the desired temperature. After applying Cool-FX, I measured a temperature reduction of 5 to 6 degrees."

To optimise both the storage climate of the pots produced, and the working temperature for the workers, Cool-FX was chosen. "On the recommendation of contracting company De Drie Koningen. I came into contact with them since last year and they pointed me to this coating. For the area we wanted coated, they only spent a few hours. I'm not going to go up on the roof for this myself," he laughs.

Cooling when desired

Because Cool-FX is a temporary coating, it wears off the roof after a few months. Depending on the weather conditions. The advantage of this is that in winter, you actually want the heat from the sun on your roof, as you are heating the building during that period. "Due to the extreme rainfall recently, it has already worn off in some places. But still, I am satisfied with the product's performance. I will also have it applied again next year." When Ron is asked if he would recommend Cool-FX to others, he spontaneously replies, "Yes, definitely!”




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