White Roof Coating Makes Indoor Climate Much More Pleasant In Hot Summer

Anyone who has tried the heat-resistant roof coating Cool-FX once never wants anything else. It stays much cooler inside and the air conditioning does not have to run as often, Berry Rodenburg of JG Sproeibedrijf hears from his customers.

Roofs of commercial buildings are usually black. As a result, they heat up greatly in summer and transmit heat inside. The working climate in the building becomes unpleasant and air conditioners have to work overtime. Actually, the roof should be light- and heat-resistant in summer.

That is why the Cool-FX coating was developed. JG Sproeibedrijf in Maasdijk has had experience with it since its launch. "We get more customers for this every year. They hear about it through social media, colleagues or direct approach. Then they try it once and then they come back every year," says Berry Rodenburg.

Together with John Grootscholten, he runs the company. Originally, their customer base is greenhouse horticulture. They chalk and coat greenhouse covers and also clean the inside of greenhouses during crop changes. But since they added Cool-FX to the package, the customer base has become very diverse. "Shops, nurseries, gyms, stables, processing halls. All buildings with flat black roofs. Our customers regularly report that they immediately notice that it becomes a lot more pleasant inside when we have coated the roof," he says.

"Cool-FX is a coating with a pigment that reflects sunlight. The roofing sheet then only gets 40°C instead of around 70°C."

Berry Rodenburg, JG Sproeibedrijf


Cool-FX is a coating with a pigment that reflects sunlight. "The roofing leather then becomes only 40°C instead of around 70°C," observes Rodenburg. The company uses the normal horticultural coating equipment (pump, trolleys, bins) connected to a chalk gun. With this, they can whiten the surface in a short time, walking on the roof. There is a binder in the coating so it does not wear off with the first rain. "In autumn, when it gets wetter, it does eventually wear off. Then the roof gradually becomes clean and black. That's an advantage in winter; warming up then actually saves energy," Rodenburg says.

He expects the high energy prices to give a further boost to interest. After all, Cool-FX can save quite a bit of electricity for air conditioning. "This will benefit a huge number of buildings. It is actually crazy that Cool-FX is not yet being used everywhere," he says.




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