Working Environment Of Control Media Improves Significantly Thanks To Cool-Fx

Leon van Nunen is general manager of Control Media in Etten-Leur. Control Media is a printing company that specialises in small print runs of around 1,500 pieces. The company has an area of 10,000 m2 where many people of different nationalities work in the production hall. "There, I have measured 45 degrees Celsius at times in the summer. This year we had a coating applied for the first time and it really works like crazy!" speaks van Nunen convinced. 


Before coating the bitumen roof, several solutions were tried that had a lot less effect: fans, vents and isolation. "But this has 100% effect, I'm convinced of that. You do get that 5 to 7 degrees, which is a lot!" With the many machines inside the production hall, a lot of warm air is blown into the room. "In summer, if you went in there, you just ran into a wall of heat. Now that this coating is on, combined with the other measures, we have achieved a much more pleasant working climate. That has always been the aim, too."

When one of his employees came up with the idea of having a coating applied to the roof, van Nunen thought: "If it doesn't help, it won't hurt". Meanwhile, he is so convinced that he would even be willing to convince parties who are still hesitating to coat: "They can send me an e-mail or even call me, I am really very enthusiastic about it!"

An investment that pays off quickly 

"Regarding the investment, I find it quite reasonable. When faced with intense summer heat, I granted my employees more frequent breaks, as it was otherwise undoable. Just from this coating alone, I quickly recouped the cost." Cool-FX proves highly suitable for this specific region due to its temporary 3-5 month coating lifespan. It conveniently wears away just as winter approaches, allowing vital natural light to permeate and warm the area. This attribute significantly contributes to overall energy savings. Conversely, a permanent coating, while capable of shading for several years, presents a trade-off during winter, necessitating higher heating expenses. Van Nunen found this insight enlightening: "I hadn't considered that aspect, but now that you bring it up, it certainly makes sense."

This is the first year that Cool-FX is on Control Media's roof. Next year, he will have solar panels installed, which makes coating more difficult. "Those probably won't cover the whole surface, so then I'll have the rest coated. I'm just really happy with it and can't say anything wrong about it. I think people often don't think about it, especially if there is air conditioning. If you start calculating what electricity goes through it and you can maybe halve that by applying a coating, you've already earned it back."





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