Effective And Sustainable Cooling Solution For Stables And Barns

Temperatures, especially in the summer time, can rise considerably in stables and barns. You may have been in one of these during a heat wave. Then you know how unbearable the heat can be. This applies to humans, of course, but certainly also to the animals housed in them. KNMI expects that, until 2050, the number of hot days will increase by 30% and the number of tropical days will even double. Effective cooling is therefore necessary and this can be done in a sustainable way.


Overheating in barns causes the living conditions of stabled animals to deteriorate considerably. Besides causing health problems, this also reduces the food and water intake of chickens, cows, pigs or other livestock, which also prevents them from growing in a healthy manner. This phenomenon has been extensively studied scientifically.

Incidents such as chickens no longer moving are mentioned in an article of the Dutch newspaper AD.

Active Solutions vs. Passive Solutions

There are several active cooling methods that can ensure that livestock are cooled in a barn. Examples include sprinkler systems on the roof and cooling systems inside the barn. In the Netherlands, there is also a ban on transporting cattle above 35 degrees, unless the wagon being transported is cooled. For more information on this, click here.
Besides active solutions, which are often very expensive, there are also passive cooling methods, such as applying a white roof coating. By coating the roof, the sun's rays are reflected where they would otherwise be absorbed by the roof, resulting in a significant increase in the temperature inside the house. In this way, you passively and effectively cool the barn.

The benefits of effective cooling

Applying a white roof coating to a barn, and thus keeping the heat out, has a number of advantages:

  • Living conditions for the animals will greatly improve
  • The animals' food intake will be maintained. This is because overheated animals will stop taking in food, producing and reproducing when the temperature is too high 
  • Lower costs for air conditioning and other active cooling methods.
  • More pleasant working conditions in the barn

How to cool a barn in summer?

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to cool your barn in summer; installing sprinkler systems or cooling systems, but also passive solutions such as white roof coating. The important thing is to start doing this in good time so that you are ready when the hot period arrives to effectively cool your barn or shed.


Our Solution: white roof coating

Cool-FX is a white roof coating that ensures solar rays are reflected. When a roof is not coated, it absorbs the sun's rays and quickly heats up the barn or shed. Applying a white roof coating keeps the heat out, resulting in considerable temperature differences. Applying white roof coating can reduce the temperature of the roof by up to 40 degrees and the temperature inside the barn by up to 7 degrees! In addition, it is made of biological raw materials and is biodegradable, so it is also good for the environment!

Success stories

Cool-FX has already proven its value in various sectors. Click below to read more about them!


Testimonial Control Media



Cool-FX is a proven, effective way to cool your stable or barn, ensuring that your livestock and goods stay well-cooled during the summer period. This bio-based and biodegradable solution is an economical way to provide cooling.




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